Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday Made It!

Okay...I know it's Tuesday, but I couldn't get my picture to upload yesterday...technical difficulties.  You know how it is...

So...I was inspired to make this mailbox by Meg over at Fourth Grade Studio.  This was her Monday Made It last week, and I've been planning my own ever since I saw it. My kiddos can write me notes about anything...something they're struggling with in class, trouble with a friend, whatever, and put it in the mailbox.  Sometimes it's more comfortable to write about something that's hard to talk about.

Last year I would have kids write in their journals about these kinds of things, and I would write back to them.  The problem was that I would end up with a pile of journals on my desk, and the kids wouldn't have them when they needed to do other writing. 

Anyway, after I saw Meg's awesome idea, I went over to Hobby Lobby and picked out paper and ribbon that would go with my classroom theme.  Then I started searching for a box...that's where I hit a wall. 

There was not a single empty box laying around my house that would work with the 12x12 paper that I bought.  I had one box that was a little too big, and lots that were too small.  This was supposed to be a quick, easy,  and inexpensive project!  I actually contemplated going out and buying myself a box of candy so I would have the right sized box, but then I'd have to eat the candy...not a good plan.

I finally decided to go with the box that was a little too big, and did a little creative cutting and taping to make it all work.  The end result is just what I wanted.

Next on the list...a Classroom Jobs board modeled after Molly's at Lessons with Laughter!


  1. Hey there! Thank you for your comment on my July currently post! I appreciate you following me SO much! I'm glad you linked up! I'm so glad I found your blog, now I follow you too! Your blog is very cute!

    Your Monday Made It is adorable! :)
    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers

  2. Love it! Yours is waaaaaay cuter than mine! Thanks so much for sharing it!