Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Blogiversary to You !

Wow...can you say heat and humidity?  It's been a hot and sticky week in NC and I'm thankful to be sitting in the cool comfort of my living room after a morning outside at 'Camp-Learn-A-Lot' (a reading and math camp sponsored by the school I taught at this year, and a local church).  Today was the last day, and I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite kiddos, since I'm heading to a new school next year and won't see them often anymore :(

 Look at the beautiful thank you gift each teacher got...

One of the ladies from the church made NINE of these!  So sweet...I can't wait to find a special place for it in my classroom :)

Today, two of my favorite bloggers are having blogiversaries!!!  The Sweetest Thing is celebrating her first year, and Miss Third Grade is celebrating her second year.  Even better...both of them are giving US the gifts...giveaways on their blogs!  Click on their links below and enter to win some awesome stuff.

I'm also busy working on a little surprise for Fourth Grade Frolic's Monday Made It.  I'm excited because all of my other MMI's have been inspired by other bloggers, but this idea is all mine!  Here's a little hint...


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