Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Teach Core Knowledge Social Studies...Anyone Else???

So, how many states have now abandoned the CCSS?  My own state, North Carolina, just voted them out.  Of course, it remains to be seen if the Gov. will veto that vote.  I'm starting to understand why the teachers who've been around a while get a little cynical about these things.  I'm also feeling pretty fortunate to work in a private school where this isn't an issue for me (sorry!!!).  On the flip-side, there are issues that arise from NOT using the same standards as most other teachers across the country.

At my school, we use the Core Knowledge curriculum for Science and Social Studies, which I LOVE!  It's a great curriculum with well planned objectives and lessons. BUT, we don't study the same things, in the same order, or at the same time as others who teach my grade level (4th/5th).  And some of the World History that I teach isn't typically taught until Middle or High School, so it can be hard to find resources to use that are appropriate for my students.  Sometimes I find myself feeling like a bit of a loner out here. 

Is there anyone else out there who uses Core Knowledge?


Anyway, I've been going through each objective and listing the resources that I'm planning to use to teach it (there is no textbook - just lesson plans and suggested resources/materials).  In the process, I've needed to create some of my own resources, so I'm offering them to you as freebies :)  Just click on the pictures below to get them from my TPT store if you any of these would be useful to you!



  1. South Carolina veto to drop Common Core this spring, but it doesn't take effect until the next year! So I'm not sure what we're supposed to do this year! I do feel your pain about resources. Teaching 3rd grade SS means I teach SC History. There aren't many resources out there for that either!

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  2. Thanks for teaching Core Knowledge! You might enjoy getting to know Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy ( in Forest City, NC. It uses both the Core Knowledge Sequence and Core Knowledge Language Arts. Here's a small sample of the great work you'll find there: